At Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre our specialist solicitors can help if you have a legal problem with housing.

Possession – if you are paying rent and your landlord has served you with a Notice or issued court proceedings for possession we can assist you and, where possible, prevent your eviction.

Warrants of eviction – we can also help if a date for your eviction has been set, by making an application to stop the eviction, particularly if you are a council or housing association tenant..

Illegal Eviction – if your landlord is trying to evict you without going to court, or is threatening you or has cut off services (gas, electricity, water) then we can get an injunction to prevent this.

Homelessness – if you have made an application as homeless to a local council and they have made a decision not to house you we can advise on your review or appeal.  We can also help if the council has refused to take your application or if you have been offered housing which is not suitable.

Disrepair – we can help if you live in a rented home and your home needed repairs and this is seriously affecting your (or anyone who lives with you) health or safety.

Advice at the Foodbank – we have a drop-in every Tuesday morning between 10-12noon at The Foodbank Hub, Bloemfontein Road, Shepherds Bush, W12

Representation at Court – we run the Monday duty scheme at Wandsworth County Court and the Friday duty scheme at Brentford County Court. Tenants facing eviction that day can receive help and representation.

All casework is subject to both means and merits tests and to the current capacity of the team. If you are in receipt of benefits or you are low waged, then you are likely to be entitled to Legal Aid.  You can check whether you can get Legal Aid here.

We can also help people who live in H&F with other housing issues – please contact us.