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Employment Law Advice  

We are not currently providing employment law advice. However, we are able to signpost you to other services. Please get in touch if you want a suggestion of other services.

Important information: Limitation dates

Time limits in Employment Tribunal claims are very short. You must take timely action.

As a general rule, you must begin a process called Acas Early Conciliation three months minus one day from the date of the incident you are claiming about (e.g. the date of your dismissal) at the latest.

As a general rule, you must submit a claim to the Employment Tribunal within the month following receiving an Acas Certificate from Acas.

This is general advice only. You must seek legal advice to ensure you do not miss your limitation date.

Online resources:

Some organisations have websites with lots of useful information on your employment law rights.

• Citizens Advice: Work – Citizens Advice
Online employment advice

• Acas: Contact us | Acas
Online guidance and a helpline for employment advice.

• Rights of Women: Sexual Harassment at Work – Rights of Women
For advice on sexual harassment in the workplace

• Maternity Action: Home – Maternity Action
For advice on the rights of pregnant women and new mothers.